Untamed Spirit

Untamed Spirit

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Untamed Spirit
by Eli Thomas

Untamed Spirit (Spirit of the Falls) Lithograph by Eli Thomas, signed and matted Circa 1993  #681/990 

In many Native American legends throughout the years, the horse has been symbolic of power.  The horse empowerd the Plains Indians to become free and adventurous in their lifestyles.  The hunting of buffalo became much easier once the Natives mounted thoses great creatures they called "Big Dogs" or Sacred Dongs".  They became more mobile and could follow large herds all year round.  Even the size of their dwellings was no longer dependant on what a dog could pull.  When a tribe left camp, the large stones that weighted the bases of the tipis remained.  Even today, the age of a campsite can be determined as pre or post-horse.

In the foreground a painted horse stands facing toward a freshwater stream.  Suddenly frozen he senses the viewer.  Does he sense the native on the hillside or, is it the presence of the nearby hawks that has him so enchanted.  The hawks catch warm air currents as they soar.  The horse images travel freely enhancing the natural beauty of the sky.  It is easily understood why many envied the "Horse People" of the Plains with their mighty companions.  The imagery of the three great white horses symbolizes this powerful gift given to the Natives from the creator.  It is believed that horses today still possess this free untamed spirit.

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