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Origins of our collection


Much of the American art has been obtained from the collection of Pat "Little Hawk" Canarpe who has recently left us and gone on to another world.   Pat used to have his own  American store in New York.  He closed down his store and moved to California to join his soul mate.  They had been making jewelry and their creations can be seen at .

Little Hawks Shop in Sugarloaf, NY

Some of you may remember Pat and his gallery in New York.  He bought from many of the artists up and down the east coast.  His gallery was well known on the East Coast and in Europe. 

Pat was teaching me more about his world and culture.  Pat decided that he wanted to move on to other types of artwork and so I bought much of his collection and offer it here for your collection and enjoyment.  I sorely miss his friendship, wisdom and insight.



Courtesy of Thomas Kincade provided by Websites By Marie

Tepee Logo by Thomas Kincade

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